Portugal 2030: Support and Applications

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What is Portugal 2030?

O Portugal 2030 is a Partnership Agreement between Portugal and the European Commission that revolves around five objectives:

  • Smarter Europe – through investments in innovation, digitalization, company competitiveness, industrial transition, entrepreneurship and skills for smart specialization;
  • Greener Europe – through monitoring the climate emergency and incorporating decarbonization targets, with support for innovation and the circular economy, giving value to sustainable production methods; 
  • Europe more connected – support for the connection between strategic transport networks and the implementation of new generation communications networks that support the digital transition;
  • More social Europe – greater support for education, quality employment, equal access to healthcare, lifelong training and social inclusion;
  • Europe closer to its citizens – through support for local development strategies and support for sustainable urban development, based on the concept of interconnection of networks, centered on people's needs. 

This program is implemented through 12 programs:

  • Four thematic scope – Demography, qualifications and inclusion;
  • Innovation and digital transition;
  • Climate action and sustainability and Sea;
  • Five regions, corresponding to NUTS II on the Continent, two from the Autonomous Regions and one from Technical Assistance;
  • European Territorial Cooperation Programs.

Furthermore, this agreement promotes synergies and several sources of European financing so that there is no risk of double financing. 

Portugal 2030 is based on eight guiding principles:

  • Concentration;
  • Simplification;
  • Results orientation;
  • Transparency and accountability;
  • Openness to innovation;
  • Segregation of management functions and prevention of conflicts of interest;
  • Subsidiarity;
  • Synergies between national and community funding sources.

Furthermore, the Portugal 2030 strategy is structured around four thematic agendas:

  • Agenda 1 – People First: better demographic balance, greater inclusion, less inequality
    • Demographic sustainability
    • Promoting inclusion and fighting exclusion
    • Health system resilience
    • Guarantee of decent and affordable housing
    • Combating inequalities and discrimination
  • Agenda 2 – Innovation, Digitalization and Qualifications as drivers of development
    • Promotion of the knowledge society
    • Business innovation
    • Qualification of human resources
    • Qualification of institutions
  • Agenda 3 – Climate transition and resource sustainability
    • Decarbonize society and promote the energy transition
    • Make the economy circular
    • Reduce risks and value environmental assets
    • Sustainable agriculture and forests
    • Sustainable sea economy
  • Agenda 4 – An externally competitive and internally cohesive country
    • Competitiveness of urban networks
    • Competitiveness and cohesion in low density
    • Atlantic belt projection
    • Territorial insertion of the Iberian market

Agenda 2 – Innovation, Digitalization and Qualifications as drivers of development

Point number 2 on the Portugal 2030 agenda – Innovation, Digitalization and Qualifications as drivers of development – aims to address barriers to qualifications and competitiveness and structural transformation of the productive fabric, while responding to new technological and social challenges associated with the digital transition and, in parallel, guaranteeing the capacity and modernization of the State to promote the response to challenges.   

The objectives of this agenda item focus on:

  • Reduce the percentage of adults, including young people, of working age without secondary education;
  • Strengthen the participation of adults in lifelong training;
  • Increase exports of goods and services;
  • Strengthen the autonomy and productive sovereignty of the European Union;
  • Bring investment levels in venture capital closer to the European average;
  • Achieve a European leadership level of digital skills by 2030;
  • Reach a level of 60 % of 20-year-olds attending higher education, with 50 % of tertiary education graduates aged 30 -34 by 2030;
  • Strengthen the attraction of foreign direct investment;
  • Increase the financial resilience and digitalization of SMEs;
  • Increase total R&D expenditure to 3% of GDP in 2030.


Digital Transformation

As you may have already noticed, one of the purposes of this program is to create a more Digital Portugal. A more Digital Portugal will catch up with the digital transition process and will allow companies to have access to knowledge and digital technological means that promote:

    • mitigating skills deficits in the use of digital technologies;
    • the modernization of work and production processes;
    • cover women and men in a balanced way;
    • the dematerialization of workflows;
    • the incorporation of teleworking tools and methodologies;
    • the creation of new digital channels for marketing products and services;
    • the incorporation of disruptive technologies into their company value propositions;
    • strengthening the national entrepreneurship ecosystem;
    • the adoption of a culture of experimentation and innovation.


PRR: Internationalization via e-commerce

The recovery and resilience plan for internationalization via e-commerce aims to boost online exports of Portuguese services and products, providing support to small and medium-sized companies for their individual digital internationalization projects. 

These projects can range from own stores and/or membership to marketplaces to the development of online promotion campaigns. 

Applications for this plan are open and will remain open until the application limit is reached. To find out more, click here or get in touch for further clarification.

For applications for internationalization via e-commerce there are minimum and maximum expense thresholds eligible:

      •  €10,000 and €25,000, for projects falling within the “New Exporters”;
      • €25,000 and €85,000, for projects falling within the “More Markets” typology.

Expenses eligible for Internationalization via e-commerce

The eligibility of expenses complies with the provisions of article 9th of Ordinance No. 135-A/2022, of 1 Of april.

Expenses are considered eligible:

      • the acquisition of equipment and software directly related to the project implementation.
      • expenses related to the acquisition of services from third parties relating to:
        • Design and implementation of strategies applied to digital channels to management of markets, channels, products or customer segments;
        • User-Centered Design (UX): design, implementation and optimization of digital strategies focused on the customer experience that maximize customer attraction, interaction and conversion;
        • Design, implementation, optimization of Web Content platforms Management (WCM), Campaign Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and E-commerce;
        • Creation of own online stores, registration and optimization of presence in electronic marketplaces, including subscription expenses and membership fees during the project execution period;
        • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA): improvement of the presence and ranking of e-commerce sites in Page 7 of 14 search results, in search engines, for keywords relevant to the notoriety and traffic of each site;
        • Social Media Marketing/Social Media Management: Design, implementation and optimization of presence and interaction with customers via social networks;
        • Content Marketing: creation and distribution of digital content (short text, long text, images, animations or videos) aimed at capturing attention and attracting target customers to the offers marketed by the company;
        • Display Advertising: placing advertisements for the company's offer on third party websites, including search engine results pages;
        • Mobile Marketing: translation of the strategies outlined in the previous points for viewing and interacting with customers on mobile devices, namely smartphones and tablets;
        • Business Intelligence and Web Analytics: collection, processing, analysis and visualization of large volumes of data generated from customer navigation and interaction in a digital environment in order to identify patterns, correlations and relevant knowledge that strengthen management and decision-making processes.
      • Costs with technical personnel directly related to the implementation of the project, which must be the skills/valences in e-commerce and digital marketing are highlighted and correspond to a minimum qualification level VI (QNQ). The eligible expense is the cost of the monthly base salary plus social charges to be borne by the promoting entity, including holiday and Christmas bonuses, during the project execution period, relating to new hiring of technical staff and/or the allocation technical staff of the beneficiary entity.


Duration of the project for Internationalization via e-commerce

Projects have a maximum duration of twelve months from the date of signature of the Term of Acceptance. Project execution must begin within a maximum period of six months after communication of the decision to grant support.

Form of support and financing rate for Internationalization via e-commerce

The support to be granted takes the form of a non-refundable incentive, calculated by applying a rate of 50% to eligible expenses.

See the legal notice for Internationalization via e-commerce here

Applications for Portugal 2030

Not all Portugal 2030 programs open their applications at the same time, so you need to be careful to understand which programs make the most sense for you and when they open their applications. 

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