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André Craveiro

Hello! I am a Digital Marketing Consultant, from Braga, dedicated to enhancing the growth of companies and who believes in the power of collaboration and the magic of the digital world.

I graduated from the University of Minho and specialized at the Universidade Católica Porto Business School and the Porto Business School, accumulating a vast amount of knowledge that I apply to the creation of personalized digital marketing strategies.

I'm not here to sell a magic formula, but to offer an honest and informed partnership on each company's online journey.

My approach is personal and direct. I like to know the essence of each business, its challenges and aspirations. Each company has a unique story, and it is fascinating how digital can be a stage for this narrative. I value clear communication, the exchange of ideas and the construction of strategies that align with the authenticity of your business.

Digital marketing is not a race, but a continuous journey of adaptation and evolution. And it is incredibly more enriching when shared.

Are you ready to explore the digital world with a human, collaborative and strategic approach? Let's talk and find out how we can work together to achieve your goals online.

Why a digital marketing consultant?

Do you identify with any of these problems?

The decision to hire a digital marketing consultant can be a strategic response to a combination of these and other concerns, all shaped by your unique circumstances and business goals.

Poor Online Performance: If your company is not meeting its online goals or is underperforming its competitors, a consultant can help revitalize your digital marketing strategy.

Lack of Knowledge or Experience: Digital marketing is a complex and constantly changing field. If you feel there is a lack of internal knowledge, a consultant could be the solution.

Rapid Technological Changes: If technological developments leave you lost, a consultant can help keep your company up to date.

Inability to Measure ROI: If you are struggling to measure the return on investment of your digital activities, a consultant can provide the expertise you need.

Lack of Internal Resources: If you don't have enough internal resources to effectively manage digital marketing strategies, a consultant can be your extension.

Need for Cohesive Strategy: The lack of a cohesive digital strategy can be overcome with the help of external consultancy.

Customer Relationship and Retention Challenges: If you're having difficulty building relationships or retaining customers online, a consultant can offer effective strategies.

Online Reputation Issues: A consultant can help improve your online presence and brand perception.

Training and Development Need: You can look for consultants to train your teams on digital marketing best practices.

Desire to Innovate: If you want to innovate and try new digital strategies, a consultant can guide you.

Sharp Competition: In highly competitive markets, a consultant can help you gain a competitive advantage.

Ready to boost your company’s growth company or marketing department?

If you think it's not the time, no problem! When you're ready to take the next step in your online journey, we can talk and chart the path forward together.

Top reasons to have a digital marketing consultant by your side!

Hiring a digital marketing consultant is not just an investment in your online strategy, but a step towards sustainable growth and success in the competitive digital market.

Specialized Expertise: A digital marketing consultant has specialized and up-to-date knowledge about strategies, tools and trends in the digital world that can be crucial to the success of your online business.

External Perspective: An external view can bring new ideas and identify opportunities or challenges that may have been ignored internally.

Time saving: With a consultant managing your digital marketing strategies, your team can focus on other crucial areas of the business.

Access to Advanced Technology: A consultant can provide access to digital marketing tools, resources and software that can improve efficiency and performance.

Deep Data Analysis: Interpreting data and metrics can be complex, but it is crucial to making informed decisions. A consultant can help analyze and interpret data to improve strategies.

Quick Implementation: With the necessary experience and resources, a consultant can implement strategies and campaigns quickly and effectively.

Strategic Adaptability: In an ever-changing digital world, a consultant can help your company quickly adapt to new trends and market changes.

ROI Improvement: A consultant’s expertise can be crucial to maximizing the return on investment from your digital marketing activities.

Continuous Innovation: A consultant can introduce new ideas and innovative strategies that can put your business ahead of the competition.

Cheaper: Having a marketing consultant ends up being less expensive than having an in-house team specialized in each area of digital marketing, design, web development, CRM, among other essential subjects.

Top reasons to have a digital marketing consultant by your side!

Hiring a digital marketing consultant is not just an investment in your online strategy, but a step towards sustainable growth and success in the competitive digital market.


In today's competitive digital landscape, having a robust and well-executed marketing strategy is crucial to the success of your business. Services are designed to respond to a variety of digital marketing needs, providing personalized solutions that generate results.


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