Social Media Management – Agency or Consultant?

Currently, social networks play a very present role in today's society. As such, it is increasingly important to invest in them and use them as a way of communicating and selling with the customer. In this article you can find out everything about social media management and the role of agencies in this management. 

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What are social networks?

Social networks are communication platforms that facilitate the sharing of ideas, thoughts and information through virtual networks and communities. 

They provide rapid communication between users by sharing content, such as personal information, documents, videos and photographs. 

Having a page on social networks means being present and, through possible resources, communicating and maintaining a relationship with the public and, with good management, it can generate great benefits for a business, such as attracting new customers, creation of a strong positioning in the market, among others. 

Main social networks

There are lots of social networks around the world, but if you want to be present where your audience is, you should consider the following:

  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;
  • TikTok;
  • YouTube;
  • Whatsapp;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Twitter;
  • Among others.

What does a Social Media Management Agency do?

A social media agency develops and produces content that can be targeted for organic or paid advertising.

Through their strategies and implementation, they intend to obtain better results for each client, taking into account the needs of each brand.

Therefore, it can be stated that a social media management agency:

  • defines a strategy taking into account the client's objectives. These objectives can range from audience growth to increased sales;
  • defines the best social networks to invest in a business and the best content to be present on them;
  • always stays up to date with market news and trends within your target audience to take advantage of every moment to communicate with them;
  • keeps the client always up to date with the results, so that they know the progress of the services they are hiring;
  • among many other things.

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What does a Social Media Management Consultant or Freelancer do?

A social media consultant or freelancer is an individual who specializes in developing the strategy and planning of an entire social media presence. 

Companies and clients often hire their services to develop and improve a brand's presence on social media through marketing techniques and strategic practices.

What is the difference between an agency and a consultant?

There are some differences between a social media management consultant and an agency, namely the amount of resources, both human and technology, allocated to the project.

As such, this ends up having a major impact on the cost of the service. There is generally a much longer loyalty period associated with hiring agency services.

What services does a social media management agency or consultant provide?

A social media management agency or consultant offers various services within social media to increase brand visibility, increase interactions with the public, among many other objectives. 

Thus, some examples of these services are:

  • Manage the creation and publication of relevant, original and quality content, according to the interests of followers;
  • Schedule regular publication on social media;
  • Implement an editorial calendar to manage content and plan specific and timely marketing campaigns;
  • Promote content through advertisements;
  • Integrate all marketing channels, such as social networks, SEO, content marketing, email, printed material and digital marketing;
  • Respond to the public, whether in comments or messages, good or bad;
  • Manage and monitor all campaigns on social media;
  • Oversee an organization's global social media strategy.

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How much does it cost to have a social media manager?

Prices for social media management depend on several factors, such as which services are used, the channels and their duration. 

In addition, your objectives and needs will also define the cost of this service, and it is not possible to set a price for these services.

It is possible to determine a range of €200 to €2000, however, this value depends on many factors, as already mentioned.

Where can I find a social media manager?

There are many qualified professionals from the north to the south of the country and on the islands too, whether it be an agency, consultant or freelancer. You can search for social media managers in Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Aveiro, Coimbra, Faro and wherever your business is located. But you don't need to do that. 

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Advantages of hiring a social media management agency or consultant

Social networks play a significant role in society, and it is necessary to be present on them. 

Hiring a social media management agency or consultant means having qualified professionals who are attentive to your needs. 

Therefore, hiring a social media agency can have benefits for your business such as:

  • Social media management experts

Working with social networks means being constantly learning. It takes a lot of time to understand this aspect. When you hire a media agency, the skill set is assured. Social media agencies keep an eye on changes in social media and adapt easily. 

  • Access to the best resources

An agency will have everything needed to produce your campaigns. These agencies will have access to the best resources to carry out different tasks without having to join certain platforms. 

  • Time saving

Creating social media strategies requires a heavy investment of time if you choose to manage it yourself. To save time and focus on the rest of your business, you should hire an agency to manage social media for you.

  • Greater business reach

A business with a good presence on social media can reach the public at any day, time or place.

  • Relationship with the consumer

Customers leave their comments, suggestions, compliments and even complaints on a brand's social networks. This is the perfect time to interact with them in a personalized and timely way to create a relationship with the consumer. 

  • More leads and conversions

Being present on the main social networks, and, of course, on the social networks most relevant to your business gains more visibility and, therefore, a larger network of potential customers. Compelling content can drive your followers to your website or other relevant points and turn them into loyal customers. 

  • Cost-effective way of communicating

Social media marketing is one of the most profitable and diverse ways to promote a business, as it can carry a lot of organic content. In case you want to run a paid campaign to increase your content, the cost is relatively low compared to other advertising platforms. When done right, your chances of producing greater returns on your investment are greater. 

With these points in mind, you realize that it is more advantageous to hire social media management services through an agency or marketing consultant than being the manager of the business to do it yourself! This way, you can focus on other areas of your business and have peace of mind on this issue!