Digital Marketing for Pediatric Clinics: 8 Strategies

Do you want to increase the visibility of your clinic and get more patients? Think about using Marketing strategies, from digital to traditional, to improve your performance and make your business known to new people. 

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Pediatric Clinic: What is it?

Pediatrics is a medical specialty dedicated to children and adolescents. This specialty accompanies a person from birth until they turn 18, monitors their growth and development, treating all their health problems. Therefore, pediatric clinics focus on this specialty by providing services such as:

  • Pediatric emergency;
  • Pediatric hospitalization;
  • General pediatric consultations;
  • More personalized consultations and other specialties such as: dermatology, ophthalmology, nutrition, psychology, among others.

How important is Marketing for Pediatric Clinics?

The use of Marketing strategies in pediatric clinics can increase their visibility and attract new customers. 

With the evolution of the market and to face the competition, it is necessary to have a well-defined strategy to stand out, whether online or offline. 

Betting online can be cheaper than traditional marketing strategies and reaches a large audience in the same way.

In addition to these advantages of increasing patients, the use of marketing in pediatric clinics can also provide other no less important aspects such as: making the entire medical team known, increasing the relationship with patients and, mainly, with their parents. 

Good use of marketing strategies can:

  • attract more patients;
  • retain customers;
  • create a relationship with the customer;
  • obtain long-lasting results.

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Pediatric Clinic

Before defining the best digital strategies for your pediatric clinic, you must:

  • Know the target audience and understand their needs;
  • Understand the patient’s journey;
  • Analyze the market and check the keywords;
  • Define what you want to communicate and where you want to be present.

Discover now the various types of digital marketing that can boost your pediatric clinic:

Social media

Social networks are an excellent method for communicating with the public and creating a closer relationship with them. Therefore, using social media to promote your clinic and establish an online presence helps you increase your visibility. To achieve good results you must:

  • Have an interesting and informative profile;
  • Search for content that interests the public and create content based on that;
  • Publish regularly;
  • Measure results.

Web site

A website is essential if you want to stand out in digital. One of the secrets is to have a blog on your website, where you can publish relevant and informative content for visitors that will help attract patients.

The blog aims to attract patients through quality content that is valuable to them, while at the same time giving your clinic greater notoriety!

In addition, you can make your entire team known, the services you offer and opening hours. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is about optimization for search engines, through knowledge of the keywords that the public uses, allowing your clinic to gain prominence in organic searches carried out on search engines, such as Google. 

With this strategy, you can increase the number of patients through searches carried out on Google when they write, for example, “pediatric clinic near me”, among other examples.

Content Marketing

With a good Content Marketing strategy, you can increase engagement with the public and inform them about various topics related to pediatrics. You can create articles or publish videos related to the healthcare field, especially pediatrics, and even answer questions you frequently receive to help parents, even if they are not your patients. 

By using this strategy and creating content with great value for the patient, you can increase the relationship with the patient, building loyalty and even reaching new patients, as they see your content and become interested in the content. 

Paid advertising

You can choose to have paid ads on Google so that you can appear in the first results of the search engine when searching for pediatric clinic or other terms of your choice, as a complement to organic optimization or you can just use paid ads.

In addition to Google Ads, you can use paid ads on social media. 

E-mail marketing

Email marketing is based on sending emails with personalized content to a list of contacts with the aim of communicating with your audience. This strategy aims to attract leads and build patient loyalty. It can be used to publicize offers to your patients or personalized content such as an exclusive article with unique information. The secret to email marketing is to offer your patients unique content!


By having testimonials from other patients, it gives confidence and improves your reputation among those who visit your website. Therefore, ask your patients for a short testimonial to place on the website and thus show your quality to those who visit you.

Online service

To reach even more patients, you can conduct some type of pediatric consultations online. Therefore, patients do not need to leave home for certain matters, which are sometimes less urgent and can be treated remotely.

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Traditional Marketing Strategies for Pediatric Clinic

In addition to digital marketing, you can use other offline strategies that will help you achieve your clinic's goals. 

Find out which offline strategies you can use to boost your business:

  • Promote the clinic at local events, such as lectures, health fairs or other events. This way, you can show your work directly to the public.
  • Distribute leaflets in strategic locations, such as baby or children's clothing stores;
  • Be present in health magazines;

These are just a few examples of what you can do to reach more audiences! The ideal is to combine strategies between offline and online, this way you will be present in all aspects in a precise and strategic way.

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