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Digital marketing

André Craveiro

Hello! I am a Digital Marketing Consultant, from Braga, dedicated to enhancing the growth of companies and who believes in the power of collaboration and the magic of the digital world.

I graduated from the University of Minho and specialized at the Universidade Católica Porto Business School and the Porto Business School, accumulating a vast amount of knowledge that I apply to the creation of personalized digital marketing strategies.

I'm not here to sell a magic formula, but to offer an honest and informed partnership on each company's online journey.

My approach is personal and direct. I like to know the essence of each business, its challenges and aspirations. Each company has a unique story, and it is fascinating how digital can be a stage for this narrative. I value clear communication, the exchange of ideas and the construction of strategies that align with the authenticity of your business.

Digital marketing is not a race, but a continuous journey of adaptation and evolution. And it is incredibly more enriching when shared.

Are you ready to explore the digital world with a human, collaborative and strategic approach? Let's talk and find out how we can work together to achieve your goals online.

How can we work

Digital dynamics are constantly evolving, and to maintain competitiveness in the market, it is imperative that companies adapt and innovate continuously. There are two distinct collaboration models, tailored to your company's specific needs: Consultancy It is Consulting and Implementation.

Both collaboration models are designed to leverage your business in the digital world, providing you with the tools and strategies necessary to stand out in a competitive market. Regardless of your choice, my commitment is to provide exceptional digital marketing solutions that drive tangible results.


This model is the perfect choice for companies that already have robust internal resources capable of managing day-to-day operations, but that need a solid and well-defined digital strategy. The approach begins with a meticulous analysis of business operations, where areas for improvement are identified and effective strategies are outlined. The goal is to provide a clear strategic plan that can be executed by your internal team, elevating your digital presence.

Consulting + Implementation

For companies that face capacity or technical knowledge challenges in implementing digital marketing strategies, I provide an integrated consultancy and implementation service. This complete package guides your company from strategic planning to execution. In this model we work side by side with your company, ensuring that each strategy outlined is implemented effectively. This service not only provides a robust digital marketing strategy, but also ensures that it is executed effectively, allowing you to focus on the sustainable growth of your business.

Ready to boost your company's growth?

If you think it's not the time, no problem! When you're ready to take the next step in your online journey, we can talk and chart the path forward together.


In today's competitive digital landscape, having a robust and well-executed marketing strategy is crucial to the success of your business. Services are designed to respond to a variety of digital marketing needs, providing personalized solutions that generate results.


Strategy to improve online visibility in search engines.

Content Marketing

Create and share valuable content to attract audiences.

Online Advertising

Paid performance ads to promote products or services.

Social media

Management and interaction on social platforms to engage communities.

Web site &

Development of websites and online stores to improve digital presence.

Branding & Packaging

Create and strengthen your brand’s visual identity and reputation.

E-mail marketing

Direct communication strategies to foster customer relationships.

Social media

Management and interaction on social platforms to engage communities.


Relationship management, to understand and optimize marketing and commercial areas. 

Marketing Automation

Technology that automates marketing tasks, optimizing efficiency.

Customer Experience

Practices to enrich the interaction between customer and company.


Strategy to improve website efficiency and convert visitors into customers.


Each project is a success story co-created with our clients. Here, we share some of those chapters where the right strategy made all the difference. Explore, get inspired and imagine what we can design together for your business.

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What customers say

These are some words and experiences from those who have collaborated with me. Discover through their testimonies the difference we were able to create together in the digital world.

Catarina S. Gomes

Since I started working with André, my online presence and office have taken on a new lease of life. He understands exactly the needs of my law firm and has helped me reach my clients in ways I never thought possible. Professionalism and attention to detail are the keywords. I highly recommend it!

Joana Gonçalves

Aesthetics and authenticity are crucial to me and André was able to capture the essence of my business and translate it into an impressive online presence. Now, not only my products, but also my website and social networks speak for themselves. Thank you for your dedication and human touch in every detail. A partnership worth gold!

R. Sampaio

It's been fantastic working with André. He is super professional, dedicated and creative. Thank you for everything and keep up the excellent work.

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