Social commerce: How to increase sales through social networks

O social commerce comes up with the idea of attracting customers from social networks, through the creation of relevant content. 

It is impossible to deny that social networks generate a high impact within any business, as the number of users of networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and TikTok has increasingly grown.  

Companies that do not pay due attention to social media are at great risk of losing customers. 

We already know that social networks have a high number of people who access them every day. Through this tool, companies can promote their business, as well as increase their number of sales. 

To achieve this, in addition to knowing the target audience very well, content production needs to be attractive. 

Therefore, in this article we will explain what social commerce is, its advantages and impact on business and sales, whether for a small, medium or large business.

The concept of social commerce 

The first point we will cover in this article is the concept of social commerce. With the expansion of digital media, new sales possibilities exist, including social networks. 

Therefore, the digital marketing is constantly working to expand the digital presence of companies, ensuring that consumers can get to know their business, be attracted and become loyal. 

In this scenario, social commerce acts as a marketing strategy that focuses on actions carried out on social networks, as well as on online platforms, such as WhatsApp. 

These strategies seek to understand who the target audience is, what stage of the purchasing journey they are at, as well as the consumer profile of their products and services. 

As social networks have several possibilities, in the digital environment there is a strategic communication study to reach people who are potential customers of your brand. We will talk more about this later. 

What are the advantages of social commerce?

Many companies still have doubts as to why they should use social commerce for sales. The first step is to understand that more and more people buy online. 

In 2022, e-commerce is expected to grow by around 45%, according to the country's E-commerce association. 

As the digital environment offers simple and practical ways to buy, the tendency is for more and more people to migrate to the digital environment. 

This requires adaptation by companies that need to be in the digital environment and offer content that brings competitive advantages and is still safe for the customer. 

Therefore, we can highlight that social commerce allows your company to be up to date with the market, that is, it has a competitive advantage and can also be seen by customers. This is directly reflected in the increase in the number of sales. 

The practice of social commerce 

Digital marketing is full of strategies and actions that can be carried out online. Specifically in the case of social commerce, we will talk about some activities that may be important for carrying out this action. 

Based on an understanding of the interests of the target audience, it is possible to apply an action on WhatsApp, by creating a list of the company's products and interacting with the customer. There are ways to favor and facilitate payment through the platform. 

In the case of Facebook, as well as Instagram, which have similar logic and tools, content is published not only with the intention of selling, but also of promoting a good experience for the consumer. 

This way, there is a customer acquisition phase, creating content such as:

  • Images;
  • Company videos;
  • Lives;
  • Webinars.

In these networks it is also possible to interact with customers, through chat or direct, also leaving a space available for making sales. 

Through social networks it is possible to establish interaction with the user, as well as establish metrics and carry out their evaluation. 

Social networks allow metrics to be analyzed, taking into account customer relationships, comments, shares, in addition to offering insights into a given post. 

It is important that all the strategies we mention in this article are carried out by professionals in the field of communication and marketing, taking into account the need for specialization and planning. 

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